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Belle Grove Plantation

Belle Grove Plantation; Middletown, VA

Belle Grove Plantation is located in Middletown, VA (about 15 miles south of Winchester, VA). The estate was built by Isaac Hite, Jr., whom acquired the land after marrying Nelly Madison (sister of President James Madison). On the tour of the plantation that I took during the day the tour guide said that Nelly only lived in the plantation for 5 years before she died of consumption. Shortly after, Isaac married a lady named Anne and bore 10 children with her. The plantation was used by General Sheridan as Union headquarters during the Battle of Cedar Creek (also known as the Bread Basket to the South).There seems to be an "untold" story about Belle Grove because after my mom and I toured the plantation a few ladies at her work told her that I should research the area.

There was a write up in the local paper that a woman was driving along VA Rt. 11 (the road that runs directly in front of the plantation and battle field) and suddenly drove into what appeared to be an ongoing battle on both sides of the road. She claimed to have seen soldiers in uniforms and cannons blasting all around. She drove for miles through the fight and then suddenly drove out of the battle. Upon investigation she found out there were no reenactments occurring that day, and after historians and specialists interviewed the woman, they concluded that she described the Battle of Cedar Creek to a T! I decided to search Belle Grove Plantation on the net and I found a post on a website titled "The Gruesome Truth Behind Belle Grove Plantation."

Basically the post was written by a former tour guide and employee at the plantation. Her story is that the tour you get of Belle Grove doesn't tell all of the history correctly! Evidently, during the time that either the Hite or the Cooley family called Belle Groove home lives were lost due to infidelity. I am still researching the entire story but from what I have found so far a slave woman fell in love with the man of the house, an affair ensued, and the misses was murdered by the love struck slave.

When I saw the paintings of the Hite's I almost pee'd myself because I think they look very similar to the entities that I captured in my pics!

This first pic is of the side of the plantation. You can barely see the faint outline of a woman with her hair down in the top right window. I cropped the image and got this.....

In another pic it looks to me like there is a man outside the home on the right hand side and towards the middle of the pic.... he looks like he is wearing a suit and has his head slightly turned towards his right side.....

This next pic is a cropped image of a picture I took of the field. It looks to me like a head with a canvas bag over it (how they would drape the head of someone being hung)....

This looks to me like a little old man standing behind the front gate of the grounds!

An awesome orb....

After the first walk through of the area, another date was set for September, 2005 and this is the data received from that trip.

Belle grove pix

Master Slave Quarters

We are back from our trip to Belle Grove Plantation, the analysis is underway, and here is some of what we have found! Overall, it was an amazing trip with all sorts of things happening all over the grounds! Anything you can imagine happened to one or more of us- you name it! From hearing fife's playing colonial tunes, hearing whistles, warning's that the missus' was coming back to being smacked, pushed, and hit with thorny objects. Belle Grove Plantation is definitely a paranormal investigator's dream!

We arrived at the plantation during the day to take the inside tour. Information about the death of Nelly Conway Madison Hite has changed from consumption in the tour taken two months ago to tuberculosis, as we were told this time. The bottom floor of the home is where the kitchen is located and also provides an area for the gift shop. There was documentation in the kitchen area that details the slaves that were owned by the Hite's, and surprise, surprise- "Milly" is listed as a slave given to Isaac and Nelly as a wedding gift. Recently we have been directed to information that states the murder could've occurred during the time that the Cooley family owned the property (after the Hite's resided there). Some information is showing that Hettie Cooley was murdered by her husband's slave mistress, Harriett. I will be researching this information over the coming week!

Most of the personal experiences we encountered (i.e. - being told to leave cause Nelly was coming and the actual physical contacts) were not captured on film. For example, we all saw a body figure hanging from a tree, swaying back and forth in the air, when we tried to capture it on film, all that appeared in the tree area were orbs; however, the pictures and EVP's that we did get show there is something extraordinary about Belle Grove Plantation!

Here is a picture that Heidi captured during our tour of the grounds during the day.. there is an apparition standing at the fence.

We also had a mist that showed up twice throughout the night in two separate areas of the plantation grounds. For clarification- there is no smoking when we are in the middle of an investigation so we can rule out smoke. Also there was no precipitation in the air that caused fog, it was actually a beautiful clear night! We also ruled out dust because when you look at the pictures you can tell that the mist is coming in and condensed in the top left hand side of the pictures; If this were dust it would be rising up from the bottom of the pictures.

This picture was taken down by the Master Slave Quarters near the fence that sections off the battlefield.

These next four pictures were taken one right after another (this is done so we can document any changes that occur where we are taking still photo's) up by the home and the smoke house. You willl see that there are orbs that start, then the mist forms from the left hand side and then starts to dissipate, and in the last picture the mist is gone. All four of pictures were taken within a 10 second period.

This next picture was taken behind the home and is a close up of the fence that encompasses the garden. It is a zoomed in, cropped image that looks like something is standing behind the fence on the left hand side of the picture. There no flowers in the garden that would cause this to appear at night.

These pictures were taken by Heidi near the fence around the main building. The first picture is her original, the second picture is the cropped image, and the third is the picture in the "negative" form.

I know that we said that we weren't going to publish pictures of orbs often, but these are pretty bright and you can tell that they are in motion because none of the orbs in the first picture are in the same places in the second picture. These pictures were taken one right after the other after Heidi had seen a body apparition hanging from a tree there, and I had been hitten repeatedly by what felt like a thorny stick.

Belle Grove EVPs

You can't imagine how many layers upon layers of voices that were talking to us all at the same time. It has been very aggitating to try and dicipher the messages that each entity was trying to get across to us.

On this EVP you can hear me asking if there are any field workers present, and when I say "perhaps" you will hear a voice whisper "Murder"


In this EVP, I'm saying "If you have anything to say..." and you will hear an entity say "Say it now" with me, as if he knew what I was about to say

Say It Now

In this EVP you will hear me saying, "this is the spot where I took a picture of someone standing by the gate" and then you will hear an entity say "Hide"


This EVP has a woman that is laughing at the end of the clip



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